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GRP Acide Tanks

GRP Coating, also known as glass reinforced polyester coating is today's high tech material. It has 4 times tensile strength against steel. All boats had this stuff. It is made of this material where the filters used in pool filtration are made.


FIBERCO Istanbul serves in the location of your industrial facilities with its staff working in the field of GRP coating. It has been working with the principle of solution partner together with local and regional maintenance & manufacturing and improvement services with its expert application team in petrochemical field for more than 30 years.


Acid, caustic and oxidizing GRP coating, also known as polyester materials against polyester materials fabric coating, PVC, PP, PVDF, PE Coatings.


Our anti-acid coating applications are made to adjust the resistance of internal and external surfaces of all types of ducts, manholes, columns and the like. Surfaces protected with an anti-acid brick (ceramic-based board coating) can be cleaned and protected.


GRP coating applicator for acid tanks and pools.  FIBERCO Istanbul use Poliya or ilkester brand vinylester products with high resistance in GRP applications.


The craftsmen who will make the application of Acid tank should have been experienced. If the wrong material is selected cracks and leaks will occur in 5-6 months after the application.

Acid pool or chemical tank coating applications are more detailed works than standard GRP coating applications.

Our achievements in dozens of high-level domestic and international projects have been registered with the references of our leadership in our solutions.

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