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GRP Flower Pot

Another composite product made with fiberglass is the GRP flowerpot, also known as Fiber flowerpot, Polyester Flowerpot.

Polyester is used for multiple names for definition in Turkey, we mention the these definitions separately GRP and fiberglass.

We perform design and mold operations according to the request of our customers. We are able to make all kinds of decorative flower pots, large size flower pots (without limits). We can also produce a giant flowerpot as a visual object.

Just Imagine!

GRP Pots are indispensable materials for decoration products, advertising products, garden decoration, park decoration .

We produce flower pots in every size,  in every color you need and also any model type of  fiber flower pots that you wish.

500-1000 products can be taken from one mold. In this way, we are able to offer very affordable products to our customers.

FIBERCO is at your service with its experienced staff and reasonable prices for all kinds of decoration, advertising products.


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